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Saving healthcare professionals more time for their patients

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The world of healthcare is facing major changes and challenges. The only constant is that healthcare professionals want to provide the best care possible, while keeping their organisation safe, secure and financially stable.

One challenge is having different data formats locked in diverse data silos. More often than not, the solution is not to add new technology. It’s about unlocking the potential of your existing technologies and making them work together. That way you can easily and safely access your information – wherever and however you need it – and significantly improve efficiency.

Disparate digital solutions also create inconsistent patient experiences and an unnecessary administrative burden. We streamline administrational processes across all departments – from patient check-in and resource planning, to accounts receivable and payable – by integrating medical and administrative solutions. This frees up more resources and staff time to focus on patient care, which, in turn, improves financial performance.

What’s more, our latest innovations in digital radiology and ultrasound are greatly improving the quality of diagnostics, and we’re pushing innovation forward in fields such as precision medicine.

We know that each healthcare provider has unique challenges. But through co-development, long-term commitment and close collaboration, we will build the tailored solutions to tackle them head on, and significantly improve operations and efficiency.

The healthcare environment has very unique characteristics; and the highest level of data security – even for smaller practices – is just one. Our dedicated healthcare IT experts help them bring together these specific requirements with an efficient, patient-focused digitalised organisation.

Marian Kelly

Built for purpose

Our healthcare solutions are designed collaboratively with users and medical professionals. They provide the highest possible interoperability of new and existing systems, and make the lives of healthcare professionals infinitely easier.

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Meet our healthcare experts

Joanna Soroka, Team Manager Digital Healthcare, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH



Marian Kelly, Sr. International Business Development
Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH


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