An expert view with Claude Thomann

Making digitalisation
a success for print

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Arguably, no industry is as affected by digitalisation as much as commercial printing. It’s often seen as the opposite of online and digital, but the relationship isn’t mutually exclusive. They complete one another’s strengths.

Digitalisation is profoundly reshaping the role that print plays in communication. And the transformation presents both challenges and opportunities for the people who work within it.

Prokom is our user community platform that connects people operating a digital Konica Minolta press. Not only does it make exchanging crucial industry and business insights easier across the globe, it also inspires and encourages people to prosper and become industry leaders.

This exciting platform doesn’t just live in the realms of a virtual world. Members from businesses of all sizes, from different countries and regions, also meet at Prokom events to share their experiences and work together to grow the industry. This provides a great opportunity to introduce, share and discuss new and complementary technologies, that can help strengthen the industry.

Our industry is finding its new role in our customers’ communication needs: transporting emotion and value, literally touching your recipients’ senses, standing out in today’s information flood. Its products help create emotional and individualised links between brands and consumers. Exploring this new path together is at the core of Prokom.

Claude Thomann

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Meet our Prokom expert

Claude Thomann, Responsible Marketing Professional Printing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S


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