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Nowadays, the partnership between suppliers and customers has to go profoundly deeper. Suppliers need to do more than simply fulfil a customer’s brief. They must also understand their business, objectives, and current and future market situation.

Suppliers need to bring relevant insights and solutions about the opportunities and challenges of new technologies. And since customers’ businesses are becoming ever more global, their scope and set-up has to be international too.
At Konica Minolta, we’ve organised our Global Business Services division to give a global perspective and local presence, while keeping customer-centricity at our heart. We’ve shifted our offering from pure sales in the beginning and hybrid sales in the second phase, to a collaborative approach that optimally matches needs with solutions.

This lifts the partnership to a new, strategic level. It interconnects value creation on both sides and jointly drives innovation, optimising R&D resource efficiency and power. This style of global partnership gives our customers the leading edge they need to thrive in today’s versatile and agile markets.

We have entered an era where business success is mainly shaped by global collaboration, mutual involvement and co-innovation.

Anne Courtine

A global partner for your global set-up

With production and value creation processes increasingly decentralised on a global scale, you need a partner who can offer fast and effective local support, 24/7.

Our Global Customer Service team within Global Business Solutions makes sure you receive whatever support you need, wherever you are.

Meet our Global Business Solutions expert

Anne Courtine, Business Relationship Manager, Konica
Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH


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