An expert view with Steve Rommel and Patrick Meyer

Digital manufacturing:
from vision to reality

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Digital manufacturing is far more than the current ‘big thing’. It’s the future of the industry and the key to giving factory managers more time to focus on optimising production.

Our innovative machines and technology are making light work of manufacturing. They automatically gather and analyse data in real-time, relieving factory managers of complex and time-consuming tasks, such as order status reporting and warehouse stock checking. On top of this, our machine and process monitoring further improves safety, cuts production outages and significantly increases production quality.

We do more than digital manufacturing – we’re a strong global partner, offering the complete package. Thanks to our broad customer base among European manufacturing companies, we already have a powerful standing in the industry, and a solid understanding of our customers’ specific needs. This includes technical requirements on the one hand and innovative financing concepts – like pay-per-output or leasing models – on the other.

Our newly opened global headquarter – the Digital Manufacturing Hub – in the heart of the continent in Darmstadt, Germany, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the European manufacturing industry.

Our manufacturing customers trust that we exactly understand their needs and requirements with regard to digital manufacturing – because we are a producing company too. We recognise, for example, that production cannot stop at any point. The creation of output needs to continue, despite all changes and challenges. And we understand that they prefer a partner to be a single point of contact.

Steve Rommel

Smart Start Package

Successfully implementing digital manufacturing is a complex process. Specially designed to support SMB to enter Industry 4.0 with limited capital investment, our Smart Start Package helps kick off this process. It assists with analysing, provides consulting and implementation support, and helps to continuously expand its scope – quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Our new Digital Manufacturing Hub

In Darmstadt, Germany, we develop solutions. Then we roll them out globally – with careful consideration for country-specific characteristics. We’re also in the process of making this Hub our dedicated research and development centre. It will include a lab with machinery for testing, combining proprietary research with an open development approach. This allows strong international players to come together to develop the best solutions for digital manufacturing.

Success story: Siemens AG Turbomachinery (657KB)

Facts & figures: Industry 4.0 (279KB)

Meet our digital manufacturing experts

Steve Rommel, Head of Digital Manufacturing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH

Patrick Meyer, Project Manager Digital Manufacturing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH


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