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Building success on powerful and intelligent technologies Jaromir Sponar and Mattias Hagelin

Global partnerships thrive on collaboration with Anne Courtine

Merging information security with operational excellence with Jan Harste and Florian Goldenstein

The importance of being a market native in industrial printing with Mateusz Wozniak, Thorsten Kinnen and Diogo Esteves

Shaping how and where we work in the future with Ana Esteban and Paul Chaplin

Creating value where physical and virtual worlds meet with Matthias Greiner and Ashley McConnell

Making digitalisation a success for print with Claude Thomann

Marketing campaigns: getting you closer to your consumer with Matt Wright, Anne Stagg and Yves Rogivue

Digital manufacturing: from vision to reality with Steve Rommel and Patrick Meyer

Saving healthcare professionals more time for their patients with Joanna Soroka and Marian Kelly

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