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Global Business Services

Global Business Services


BMW is a global company with 125,000 employees, production and assembly sites in 14 countries, and a global sales network across more than 140 countries.

Success story: BMW (2.9M)

Konica Minolta has a strong international set-up, an uncompromising attitude towards quality and efficiency as well as a philosophy putting a focus on sustainability and responsibility. By providing an international global customer service alongside a print infrastructure and software solutions for global document workflow and efficiency, Konica Minolta helps to run business operations efficiently and smoothly – 24/7.

Andreas Svirak-Raffl, Head of Workplace Planning and Preparation ICT Service
A1 Telekom Austria Group

Global Business Services

A1 Telekom Austria Group

With more than 24 million customers in eight countries, A1 Telekom Austria Group is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Central and Eastern Europe. The largest company in the group, A1, accounts for nearly two thirds of the total turnover.

Success story: A1 (2.7MB)

We endeavour to use resources – like paper and electricity – efficiently in all areas. That’s why we rely on a well-thought-out print management system with intelligent hardware and software from Konica Minolta to save costs on the one hand, and increase efficiency in the entire area of document management on the other.

Andreas Svirak-Raffl
Head of Workplace Planning and Preparation ICT Service, A1 Telekom Austria Group

Severine Techer, Organisation & Strategic Program Manager

IT Services


This client-centric life insurance company has 900 representatives across France, and is also active in Portugal and Poland. It has 1,350 employees and 355,000 clients.

Success story: PRÉVOIR (2.2MB)

It had become very difficult to channel the information from more than 900 sales representatives and all the incoming and outgoing files. Therefore, we are very happy with the improvement in quality, especially in terms of controlling, that Konica Minolta has brought us. The solution has seen substantial genuine benefits in terms of user friendliness, which is why we aim to implement the OnBase solution across the group.

Severine Techer
Organisation & Strategic Program Manager, PRÉVOIR

Svetoslav Krastev, Senior Financial Director
MVB Truck & Bus Bulgaria AD

IT Services

MVB Truck & Bus Bulgaria AD

This company is an official importer of the products of MAN Truck & Bus for the Bulgarian market. It includes four departments – sale of freight cars and buses, service, spare parts and accounting-administration.

Success story: MVB (1.9MB)

Return on investment in a solution is often expressed not only in money, but also in achieving high customer satisfaction. Konica Minolta has brought us both.

Svetoslav Krastev
Senior Financial Director, MVB Truck & Bus Bulgaria AD

Reza Shahrbani, IT-Manager
Be-Ge Sweden

IT Services

Be-Ge Group

This Swedish family-owned group of companies is the world’s oldest manufacturer for suspended driver seats and the leading supplier of seats for vehicles, like buses, forklifts and industrial trucks. It runs operations in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Success story: Be-Ge (2.1MB)

Konica Minolta understands our business perfectly. We cannot afford any downtime of our IT systems. To ensure this, they provided us with a cloud solution that is located on our premises but monitored and maintained centrally by Konica Minolta.

Reza Shahrbani
IT-Manager, Be-Ge Sweden

Bjørn Langhorn Lundt, Head of Procurement

IT Services


This Danish company is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark, employing about 36,000 people. The annual turnover for Coop Denmark and its subsidiaries is approximately DKK 50 billion.

Success story: Coop (2.5MB)

For us, it is crucial that our suppliers are strategic partners who can handle the challenges that naturally arise along the way during a major project in the spirit of partnership, and Konica Minolta is simply the right strategic partner for us.

Bjørn Langhorn Lundt
Head of Procurement, Coop

Rapolas Danilevičius, Managing Director
Greita Spauda

Production Printing

Greita Spauda

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Greita Spauda provides a range of printing, finishing and advertising agency services – from ideas all the way through to production. Therefore, they need to work with flexible businesses that can provide a wide range of solutions.

Success story: Greita Spauda (1.7MB)

While our customers cannot notice the changes in our cut sheet digital production, Konica Minolta’s tailored solution makes it possible to ensure sustainable high production quality and more precise accuracy. In turn, this ensures quality for post-print finishing, as well as spoilage and low production quality avoidance, which leads to a faster service.

Rapolas Danilevičius
Managing Director, Greita Spauda

Alexander Brand, Assistant to the Managing Director & Project Leader
Rehms Druck

Industrial Printing

Rehms Druck

This full-service printing company operates across commercial printing, packaging printing and dialogue marketing. And it has around 100 employees in Borken, Westphalia, Germany

Success story: Rehms Druck (2.5MB)

The AccurioJet KM-1 is like a Swiss Army knife because it has so many uses. It ticks all the boxes and can be used for all kinds of substrates without the need for pre-coating. However, it’s not just about investing in a machine; it’s an investment in trust. Konica Minolta is a global innovator with world-class expertise across the world.

Alexander Brand
Assistant to the Managing Director & Project Leader, Rehms Druck

Phil Achurch, Managing Director

Industrial Printing


Soabar has been serving the US apparel markets for over 100 years. It supplies labels and associated machinery for a wide variety of industries, including retail, food, chemical, automotive and more, since the 1970s from its present site in Leicester, UK.

Success story: Soabar (829KB)

We chose Konica Minolta because the service has been fantastic, as has the support and back-up. They didn’t just sell us the machine, it’s everything else they have helped us with.

Phil Achurch
Managing Director, Soabar

Gerd Florian, Production Manager

Industrial Printing


This print provider from Essen, Germany, has grown steadily as a book and offset printer over the last 40 years. Today, it has more than 120 employees.

Success story: druckpartner (2.6MB)

Ultimately, it all comes down to whether the customer wants to spend extra money for special effects. The MGI JetVarnish 3D Evolution is an important new business driver and has really set us apart from other companies. There is hardly any competition. And now we’ve brought a lot of work in-house,that speeds up the logistics by around two days per job.

Gerd Florian
Production Manager, druckpartner

Julian Melsbach, Project Lead implementation of smart glasses
Siemens AG, Mülheim

Digital Manufacturing

Siemens AG Turbomachinery

The Siemens plant in Mülheim, Germany, is known as the world’s most advanced location for the design of gas turbines, steam turbines and generators for power plants.

Success story: Siemens AG Turbomachinery (657KB)

We clearly see the value of both the solution as well as the close collaboration and communication with the Konica Minolta expert team for digital manufacturing technology from the European BIC. We are impressed by the flexibility of this technology. And we highly appreciate Konica Minolta’s approach to thoroughly analysing and understanding our internal company processes and environment in order to truly tailor their solution to our needs.

Julian Melsbach
Project Lead implementation of smart glasses, Siemens AG, Mülheim

Carola Janssen, Head of Purchasing & Logistic
Jeroen Bosch Hospital


Jeroen Bosch Hospital

This teaching hospital is one of the largest in the Netherlands and part of the Institute of Top Clinical Hospitals. It has 4,000 employees and 240 medical specialists. It trains 350 interns and 88 nurses and doctor’s assistants each year.

Success story: Jeroen Bosch Hospital (1.2MB)

We are very happy to recommend the competent approach taken by Konica Minolta, and their thought-out project management. Due to their smooth collaboration with our ICT department, the project was well completed within the defined deadlines, and all targets that were defined prior to the purchase were achieved.

Carola Janssen
Head of Purchasing & Logistic, Jeroen Bosch Hospital

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